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Breadstreet Kitchen Singapore : Restaurant Review from Vegetarian's Palate

4.5/5 Rating

Ever since Gordon Ramsay Announced that he is going to open his flagship restaurant in Singapore, I had been waiting to pay a Visit. I finally got my chance last week on lunch as my husband works near by Marina Bay Sands lunch seemed just perfect. So here is my review on the Gordon Ramsay's Bread street Kitchen about everything.

Image Courtesy : Breadstreet Kichten Singapore

1. Reservation : Reservation is pretty easy and doesn't take much time which I quite liked about the restaurant given that there are many restaurants which take a lot of time to check if the seats are available or not. Start to finish, our call ended in less than 2 minutes. Like it!

2. On visit : There is always someone present to receive you and check your reservation. Throughout my time in Restaurant I kept noticing it thanks for my seat which overlooked the entrance. The spot was never unattended for more than 30 seconds. Brownie points for sincerity.

Open Kitchen and me all smiles
3.Ambience : We sat at level B of the restaurant, right in from of the open kitchen. It was quite adventurous for me as I wanted to see how Gordon Ramsay's kitchen functions, after all its visual school for home chefs like me! It was pretty awesome. Kitchen worked effortlessly or it looked like so which is commendable. Overall absence of the place is relaxed and casual and semi formal. Its perfect for corporate lunches, of casual dates, I have not seen the upper floor, I would be happy if the upper floor is more formal, perfect for dates and fine dining.

The open Kitchen
4. Food : Finally! Within few minutes of your being seated, you would be served worth bread basket consisting of in-house speciality breads like breadsticks, dinner rolls, baguette slices and crackers alongside with butter topped with a pinch of salt. You can ask for multiple servings and its not charges. The breads lived up to the name of the restaurant and they were unlike any other breads I have tasted, my favorite : Multi seeds crackers.  We ordered lunch to share from the vegetarian part , us being Vegetarians. You have limited options for Vegetarians. You will find 1-2 options in each category but do ask the staff if they can convert any dish to Vegetarian, they will be happy to help.

So apart from salads, what we ordered was pretty much all you could find in vegetarians options. Those are : 
Bread Basket with butter 
  1. Flatbread, Butternut Squash, Taleggio Cheese, Mushrooms, Pine nuts, Basil Pesto.
  2. Israeli Couscouse, Sweet Corn, Cranberries, Radish, Spring Onion, Mint.
  3. Risotto with giralle mushroom, peas,  green asparagus, aged parmesan
  4. Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding, Muscovado Caramel, Clotted Cream 
  5. Basil Drink( I think it was called Cosmopolitan, it was in a non alcoholic drink) Comment to this post if you know the name please.

I also ordered Garden Pea Soup with Creme fraiche and I didn't sea that it contained Spiced lobster. I returned and they neither minded nor charged for it. Very Generous! They also said that they could have suggested to convert soup into vegetarian had they know that we were vegetarians. So guys, let them know you are vegetarians and get more options from the Menu.
Peas Soup
The overall food was to die for. I am someone who is heard pin pointing out mistakes in the dish like it was not sautéed enough, the spices were added later instead of starting thats why it tastes like this or the dish still has some water flavor and not simmered enough. BUT! But I could not find flaws in this Restaurant. 

I heard Gordon Ramsay say in a Reality Show that a smart chef know how much to season the dish and does not leave it to the customer and you can taste it in his restaurants. So if you see a little extra oil in your dish, you will realize while eating that it was necessary like in couscous salad. The extra Olive oil added the mediterranean olive oil taste to the dish and was not just sitting around to add shine. There was a finesse in every dish which is expected from a Brand like Gordon Ramsay. 

Anything I would like to improve : More Vegetarian Options and a little more variety in flavor, dishes Scream British, obviously! All the dishes were subtly seasoned so one after the another your palate tastes similar taste profiles. 

Israeli Couscous, Sweet Corn, Cranberries, Radish, Spring Onion, Mint.
The Portion sizes were medium, if you want to share then you have to order more. One portion is only for one.

Prices are suited to the location and the Brand Name. So do not expect the total bill less than a hundred dollar. We spent around SGD 150/- for a lunch which was pretty much okay provided the fact that we gorged on unlimited servings on bread basket. 

Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding, Muscovado Caramel, Clotted Cream 

Overall, Breadstreet Kitchen is one nice place where you want to take your clients for lunch, business meetings and also for your evening dates. For dates, book a seat on upper desk facing the lovely Marina Bay sunsets and light and sound shows.

In Shot here are some Pros & Cons :

Pros :

  1. Food is amazing
  2. Great Ambience
  3. Breads are to die for and they are unlimited.
Cons : 
  1. Limited choices for Vegetarians
  2. No Vegan stuff if you are Vegan
  3. Portion and Price could be better. But Hey! its The Gordon Ramsay!

Suggest me more Restaurants if you want more reviews. Btw next restaurant review is Joie by Dozo.

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  1. Thanks for the vegetarian insights. my take away would be: "limited options for Vegetarians" = not suitable for vegans. Wonder if you could do 3 pro and con keywords (overall). Cheers!