Hello! I am Upasana. My friends call me oops.. some call me Upaa.. anyways.. whats in a name.. I might sound very talkative on the blog.. which I am but only once, I am comfortable with my surroundings. I guess I behave the way kid in me behaves.. like kids are shy in a new environment or with new people and once they start getting comfortable.. they open up.... 

I belong to a family who has been into food business for generations. My great grandfather used to run his own sweet shop in Punjab of Pakistan. After India Pakistan Partition, my great grand mother made living for my grand father and father making sweets and snacks in verandah of New Delhi, India home and selling it. I wish I could learn all the skills my great grand mother had. I wish I could cook 1% as good as my uncles and aunts whom I have grown up seeing cooking food at 3 am in the morning and sell at a stall in the vegetable market in Delhi or outside local court in Punjab. I must admit, eating Punjabi Chhole with Stuffed Parathas first thing in the morning at 7 am gave more pleasure to me than eating gourmet food in a five star hotel with sea view.

Struggling with Hormonal imbalance and PCOS and weight issues, I never wanted to give up the taste of the food that I have grown up with. So while trying to cook and eat healthy to tame the uncontrollable tiger called PCOS, I began to find ways to cook same meals tasting similar but in a more healthy way. And then with my ever changing taste buds and mood swings which came complimentary, I began to experiment with different cuisines, ending up loving European and Middle Eastern Food. I wish I could get same first hand experience of these cuisines as I got to North Indian Cuisine. Its my dream to stay in these places to learn their kitchen secrets just the way I did in my childhood in my family kitchens.

I am starting my blog to share my quest to great taste in a healthy way because I feel that health food does not have to taste bland and that because of our health condition, we need not necessarily give up the blessing of our five senses which includes taste too. So lets share our ways... to find the food that not only tastes great but is good enough for our bodies to keep us healthy.