Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Papa's Pickle! : Raw Mango and Onion Pickle

I had been thinking what should be my first recipe here. Then I thought, what was the first recipe memory of my life? Then I found my first recipe. It was Papa's Pickle!

I still remember our home where my grand parents and parents lived when Government of India alotted them home to shift from refugee home in Sadar Bazaar of Delhi. Flash forward to another partition and this time a wall in the middle of the house. One side us and other side Papa's brother family. The door less almirah where we used to put our stuffs was the place where Papa used to put the pickle in summers. In the top shelve backside at the right corner. I know it so well because this is the only thing I remember about this pickle apart from its taste and recipe. In summers when we would have delicious raw mangos to make the Great Indian Mando Pickle, Papa used to pick up 2-3 Mangos from my mom's stock to make our own pickle. It was so exciting as it was like a mission for me and Papa to get 3 mangos and 2 onions and make pickle. The recipe only calls for 2 ingredients and is real fast to prepare but we needed to wait for 2-3 days until the pickle is ready to consume. It was like an achievement when Mama's Pickle could only be eaten after 1 month of preparations and Papa would reach to the top shelf and take out his pickle and say .. " In the meanwhile.. you can try my pickle!" wow.. So triumphant! 

Here is how we made the pickle : 

3 Raw Mangos.. Really raw.. like green inside and out! 
2 Medium sized Red Onions
2 Tea Spoon Red Chili Powder(Dont worry about adding so much red chilli powder, This will eventually sink to bottom once the Onion and Mango become tender. This way extra chilli will be left in the juices of the pickle. You can either throw it away or keep to add the stews spoon by spoon)
2 Tea Spoons Salt

Method : 1. Cut Raw Mango in medium long bite size like below and Slice Onion fairly thick.

              2. Add Salt and Chili Powder and mix well. 
              3. Put in a sealed container and wait for two days.
              4. On Third day take it out and eat it like a king!

This pickle goes really well with Punjabi Favorite.. Chhole Bhature and It can even be eaten between two slices of bread which we used to do when really really hungry.. or just like a condiment.... I also put it in my salad... and enjoy my dose of fatherly love..


  1. Very interesting as two main ingridients are never used together usually!!

  2. Very interesting as two main ingridients are never used together usually!!