Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chiwda Matar

Chiwda Matar Closeup

"What should I cook for Breakfast? I am confused.... Please give me some suggestions na..." I asked him on a Sunday morning few months after marriage. Stretching my overslept body hoping he would say don't cook...I will cook for you. "Make some Chiwda Matar?" He said. I agreed to without even disappointment because I was as hungry as I was lazy I was feeling this morning.. even a suggestion on what cook was enough for my hungry stomach. When I am hell hungry, my mind stops working... so was the case this morning. No actually it was noon by the time we finished out morning cup of tea watching Indian news on while me trying to steal the remote to view a glimpse of some TV serial to feel just like any Indian Girl. 

When I tasted my cooked product, It was just as good as it always had been, full of potatoes, onion, tomato, peanuts, peas and Chiwda. But KC gave his review by asking me to avoid adding anything besides peas only and it was not as it is cooked in his house. For next few times I cooked with just peas and it was not upto the par till Last year when I saw my sister in law, KC's sister cooking it in our Singapore Kitchen. I was fasting that day so I couldn't taste it so all my attempts failed till I actually got a chance to eat in our Banaras Kitchen again cooked my my SIL - Didi we all fondly call her. It was heavenly tasty. Little Sweet, Little Sour and tangy and so much flavor with just 2 Ingredients.

Chiwda Matar is actually a Banaras - Varanasi Special Dish cooked with just two ingredients as the name says and a lots and lots of flavor. You can find it served in Restaurants there especially in Kaashi Chat Bhandaar where the food is a never ending feast in its narrowly organized chairs and tables of uncountable servings of chats and Chiwda Matar and Rabdi and Rasmalai and what not! The first bite of it made me think that how was I living without knowing such good dish all my life. Last year in Banaras I ate it again in Kaashi Chat Bhandaar but what Didi cooks is par Excellence. I am still trying to perfect it perhaps I would need few more servings of this dish lovingly cooked by her. Till then join me in  trying to perfect it.....

Chiwda Matar
Chiwda Matar( or as its pronounced : CHEW DA MATAR .. I love it.. :D)

Ingredients : 
1 Cup Chiwda : Flattened Rice Flakes
1/2 Cup Peas ( I use frozen as they are easily available here. But fresher the better, just cook them well then)
Salt, red Chilli Powder to Taste
1 Tsp Ginger finely Chopped
1/2 Tsp Turmeric
a pinch of asetofida(Heeng)
2-2.5 Tsp Sugar
1-1.5 Tsp Raw Mango Powder (Aamchoor)
1 Tsp Garam Masala
1 Tsp Jeera(Cumin Seeds)
1 Tbsp Ghee to cook
Some more Ghee to top it
Loads of Chopped Fresh Coriander to garnish


To Cook :

Wash the Chiwda in a colander and place it  a bowl once water is drained little. Try to do it with soft hands to avoid breaking it. Wash twice before placing in the bowl. Add Salt, Chilli powder, Turmeric, Sugar and Aamchoor and mix gently and keep aside to marinate for around 10 min.

In the meanwhile, put a wok to heat and add Ghee in it. Once warm, add asetofida, jeera, ginger and peas in it. Cover with a lid and cook on Medium to low heat till peas are cooked. Now add the marinated Chiwda to it and mix very gently and cover again for another 1-2 minutes for everyone to say hello, nice to meet you.. Friends? to each other.. 

Now add garam masala and check seasoning.. If tastes like heaven.. its perfect, otherwise adjust sweet and sour as per your taste.. once done.. add coriander and serve with extra serving of ghee on top and enjoy your happy happy sunday or monday or any day morning... :)

P.S. : If it tastes a little dry, sprinkle little water on it  before adding coriander and cover an cook for another minute... ( as instructed by Didi.. works like magic..)


  1. The age old recepie is now more tasty and beautiful on ur blog!!!!!

  2. The age old recepie is now more tasty and beautiful on ur blog!!!!!