Sunday, February 2, 2014

Masale waale Aloo : Our Khaandaani(Family) Favorite Potato Recipe

It was a ritual for anyo who is going to Ludhiana to meet our Uncles and Aunts and cousins to bring packets full of Chana Masala for everyone here. We would use our ration wisely so as to make sure we have enough till we get another batch. 

Most of my uncles and aunts own their own Chhole Bhature business and doing well in it. Ludhiana uncles have two branched of Chhole Bhature shops one most fondly called outside Kachehri (District Court).

Apart from making our khaandaani Masala Chana from this Chana Masala, the other most cooked dish from this masala was Masaale Waale Aloo. It used to be one of the delicacy dishes to be cooked when a special guest would be arriving who would have keenly requested it to be cooked as it is so finger licking cooked. One can just keep eating it fresh cooked hot ghee dripping parathas.. typical Punabi Parathas...

I as such do not like Potatos, I feel they don;t have any taste of their own except starchy feeling.. but same is the case for me with Paneer but being a punjabi my instincts are conditioned to eat both without being so rational and logical. So I many a times end up cooking potato but with peas or aloo Paratha loaded with chana masala yum!

This recipe came to my mind when this time I forgot to bring my quota of Chana Masala from India and this very feeling made be crave it like anything so I cooked it and ate with much pride with whatever leftover chana masala I could find feeling like a chana masala addict who would just do anything for just a pinch of it to consume.. God! I sound like an addict! Do I? Lolz....

This one ingredient recipe is so easy to cook that you can think of it and its done(provided, you have boiled potatoes at hand!)

Here is how we at our Khaandaan Make it.. :

Ingredients : 

3-4 Medium Sized Boiled Potatoes
2  Tsp Chana Masala
Salt to taste if your chana masala doesn't have it in already...
1 tsp Oil
Pinch of Julianne Ginger and Green Chilies and Cumin Seeds

Thats it! Tadaaaa...

Method : 

Mix Potatoes and Chana Masala and salt if needed and set aside and in the meanwhile heat oil and add  everything now let is cook for about a minute or two and Ten Ten Teden!! Its done!

Garnish with anything you want and serve or don't eat it all! HeeHee HaaHaa!

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